A touch of Italy in the heart of
Mount Maunganui

When a man from the Italian Alps crossed the oceans and landed on our shores, he brought with him everything that he loved the most.

So when all of the warmth, flavour, and vivaciousness of Italy melded together with our beautiful local produce, Alpino was born.

Echoes of Italian tradition is intertwined with modern culture. This is an immersive dining experience created to delight, indulge and inspire your curiosity. From the kitchen to your plate there is nothing but passion, flavour and really good wine. So immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Alpino, it’s travelled a long way to be here with you. You’re at our kitchen table now.

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Wednesday - Sunday 12pm - 10pm

16 Pacific Ave, Mount Maunganui
P:  07 925 9769
E: mount@alpino.co.nz